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Five Reasons You Might Need Garage Door Repair Service

01/21/2017 Back To Blog

When your garage door is not working properly, it can be inconvenient and frustrating. There are a few things that a homeowner can check and resolve, but most repairs should be made by a repair professional. Garage doors are heavy, and involve powerful springs – working on these without proper training and tools can be very dangerous. Below are five reasons why you might need professional repair service.Five Reasons You Might Need Garage Door Repair Service

Your automatic garage door opener operates but the door does not open

Check to see if the emergency release handle has been pulled disengaging the motor from the track. If it has, pull the handle in the other direction to re-engage the track. If the problem is not with the emergency release, it might be that the automatic opener requires service or replacement. A professional repair technician can evaluate the issue and recommend a solution.

Your automatic garage door opener will not close the door

Check the safety photocells located at the base of the door. There should be one on each side of the door. Make sure that nothing is blocking the path between the two photocells. Check the alignment to make sure that they are pointing directly at one another. Clean the lenses to remove any dirt or dust.  If the automatic opener still will not close the door, contact a repair professional to evaluate and correct the issue.

Your garage door will open only part way or is very heavy

Garage doors are normally very heavy, but the weight is counter-balanced by powerful springs. If your door will open only part way, or is very heavy when you try to open it manually, your door may have a broken spring. Sometimes you can see the broken spring with a visual inspection, but other times it may not be apparent. Working on these powerful springs without proper training and tools can cause severe injury or even death, so contact a repair professional for any work involving the springs.

Your garage door is noisy when opening and closing

There are several reasons that your door might be noisy when opening and closing. The track rollers may need to be serviced or replaced, or the track may be misaligned or bent. The automatic opener may need to be repaired. Sections of the door may be weak or broken. Hinges or springs may need to be lubricated or replaced. A trained technician can perform a thorough check and recommend appropriate service.

The automatic garage door opener remote is not working

Replace the battery in the garage door remote. If the remote still will not operate the automatic opener, it may need to be reprogrammed to work with the opener. If reprogramming the remote does not resolve the issue, it might be an issue with the automatic opener receiver. A repair technician can evaluate the issue and perform the appropriate service to get your opener back into working condition.

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